About Us

My name is Ceasar Troso, and I am your Brevard County Process Server. My team has been serving legal papers in Brevard County since 2009. I have been a resident of Brevard County since 1989, Prior to my work as a process server, I was involved in the construction business for 20 years. My wife currently works as a SAMS associate. my family and I know what it’s like to work hard every day. I strive to be THE BEST in everything I do. I continue to bring that energy to work DAY AFTER DAY !

At Florida Coastline Process Server, our mission is to ensure both that petitioners and respondents alike are able to have their day in court. We strive to provide you, the customer, timely service so that you can proceed with your legal action while giving your respondent timely notice to defend. It’s the American Way!

Our process server logs in thousands of miles each month on the road in Brevard County. That means that we are GUARANTEED to pass near/by your target multiple times…many times in the same day! By carefully planning our routes, it keeps YOUR costs down while allowing us virtually unlimited attempts to reach your target!